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from the recognised,

award-winning photographer

Book your place in the first photography class run by Sanja Knežević.
The Basic Course will be run in different groups both in English and Serbian. Week days and time will be determined later, depending on students availability. You don't need to own a dslr camera for this course, as you will be able to learn from the school's equipment during the lectures.
Due to Covid pandemic places are limited to 4 students.
The teacher Sanja Knežević is revaccinated.

Educated photographer

Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade, World Press Photo Masterclass, Noor-Nikon Masterclass, VII Academy.

Award-winning photographer

Sanja Knežević is a multi-award winning photographer.

Small groups

Groups are limited to 4 students during Covid pandemic.

Cozy place

Enjoy learning in the cozy place in the beautiful area of Senjak, near the French School.

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