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Sanja Knežević is a photographer attracted by humanity and unpredicted situations.  She likes covering dynamic situations, such as demonstrations, and other events of importance for society. Sanja also does long term social-documentary stories with accent on diversity of culture and existence.

This is the reason why Sanja's commercial work is inclined toward event photography - weddings, birthdays, corporate. Sanja equally enjoys capturing decisive moments of these events, as they are - dynamic, unpredicted, and of huge importance for the people who hired her.

Sanja Knežević graduated photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and attended the most prestigious workshops and festivals, which contributed to  developing her career. From 2012, Sanja spent several years living in one of the most vibrant countries in the world - Indonesia, traveling and taking pictures in the South-East Asia. In 2018 she was chosen to be among 10 female photographers from all over the world at the Festival Pil'Ours in France. She won awards at the biggest national photography contests, among them Grand Prix at Press Photo Srbija and Beta Photo Contest. At the ''Photo Week D.C'' in Washington D.C. she won the first prize for a portrait. Sanja's work has been published in the National Geographic Serbia, Vice UK, The Economist, Financial Times, Boston Globe, KfW Chancen - Hamburg, Global Post. She has also been collaborating with UNOPS, Open Society Foundation and Amnesty International.

Sanja is a board member of the ULUPUDS – The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia.


2020 Belgrade - I prize - Beta Photo of the year, regional contest (for the photo ''Greatness'')
2018 Belgrade – III award at the annual contest ReFoto ”Identity”.
2017 Belgrade – ”New Perspectives”, Mixer Festival and Swiss Cooperation Office – Third prize
2016 Ljubljana, Slovenia – Different worlds, second prize, for the project ”Family Matters”
2015 Press Photo Serbia, Winner in Environment reportage category ”Kawah Ijen”
2015 Shortlisted for ”Magnum 30 under 30”
2014 Press Photo Serbia, Winner in Everyday life reportage category ”Dead-End Street”
2014 Belgrade, The portfolio winner of the ”100 Best”, ReFoto Magazine contest, on the occasion of its 100th issue.
2013 Kiev,  Second prize for ”Kamar” story – Golden Camera International Award
2012 Washington D.C. ‘’FotoDC’’ First prize for portrait from ‘’Kamar’’ series.
2012 Belgrade, ‘’Beta photo of the year’’ Grand Prix in Serbia for the photography ‘’Mother and daughter’’
2011 Press Photo Serbia – Winner for the Everyday Life story ”Family Matters”
2010 Press Photo Serbia – Grand Prix for the photography ‘’Couple” from the project Uprooted community
2009 New York, En Foco – Honorable mention
2008 Serbia Press Photo – Winner for the Environmental story and Everyday Life story
2006, 2009 Republic Exhibition, Serbia – third and second prize for collection
Finalist: Vipa 2012, Austria; Wine photo 2010, Italy; SEE People and Culture photo contest 2010, Brussels; Organ Vida, 2012 Croatia


2018 France, Saint Gilles – Festival Pil’Ours
2017 Novi Sad, Serbia – Kultural Center – Kamar
2015 Belgrade, Serbia – ArtGet gallery – Kamar
2013 Jakarta, Indonesia – Kamar
2013 Brazil, Belo Horizonte – Kamar
2013 Italy, Bari – Kamar
2012 Taiwan, Taipei – photo exhibition Witnessed of silence – National 228 Memorial Museum.
2011 Belgrade and Bratislava – New Pictures of Belgrade’
2010 France, Sarcelles, Photosoc Festival
2009 Stockholm, Applied Nostalgia
2009 Belgrade, Applied Nostalgia
2009 Amsterdam, Balkan Snapshot Film Festival
2008 MA in Photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade
Sanja Knezevic

Sanja Knezevic