11th Fotorama Fest

It is my greatest pleasure, that my exhibition ”July’s Protests” have opened the 11th Fotorama fest, in which world names among women photographers of National Geographic Magazine took part: Lynn Johnson, Erika Larsen, Andriana Mereuta and myself. The exhibition is opened in the gallery ”Artium”, in Kragujevac town, 19th August, 2021.

Many thanks to organisers for inviting me, as well for their great dedication in organising beautiful festival which connects people who appreciate documentary photography and share common vision.

Sanja Knezevic, National Geographic photographer among her collages.
National Geographic female photographers: Sanja Knezevic (blue shirt), Andriana Mereuta, Lynn Johnson and Erika Larsen together with workshop attendees at Fotorama Fest during the opening of my exhibition ”July’s Protests”.